NBAA 安全委员会已经确定 专业精神 作为任何安全管理体系的基石重点领域,在该体系中,职业行为规范,安全行为成为副产品。


  • 对航空安全产生直接和积极的影响
  • 提升公务航空在公众、监管机构和客户眼中的声誉
  • 将行业的重点从生存转移到领先和繁荣

NBAA 安全委员会致力于促进专业精神并提供有用的工具和资源来支持整个公务航空的专业行为。 跳转到以下链接 获取专业资源,帮助您走上专业之路,并使用提供的表格或通过电子邮件发送给安全委员会,分享您的反馈: 专业精神


After months of collegial debate and running dialogue, the members of the NBAA安全委员会 Professionalism Working Group can attest that the challenge of defining “professionalism in business aviation” is tougher than it sounds.

Each person perceives professionalism’s markers differently and according to the situation at hand, making it far easier to spot a lack of professionalism than to define it. Early discussions triggered a number of imperatives: make the definition concise; don’t get too formal; avoid ambiguity; evoke a continuum rather than a static image; and keep it relevant.

Similarly, a list of attributes – such as sterling character, discipline, competence, ethics, consistency, service-mindedness, continuous improvement, exceeding standards, earning trust, not cutting corners, focusing on safety – accumulated like prized possessions that resist being discarded.

Ultimately, the committee rallied around this short and focused statement, which doesn’t try to be an ultimate definition but rather sets out core values while inviting broader discussion and interpretation for both individuals and organizations:


Though professionalism may resist a singular universal definition, the Safety Committee contends that its collective qualities are precious and vital to a safe and thriving future for business aviation.

These opening words form initial waypoints for advancing business aviation professionalism. More are needed, and the NBAA安全委员会 invites business aviation professionals to actively join the quest. Please explore these pages and share your feedback with NBAA at 专业精神